Dare to break your limits and become the ultimate warrior!

Have you ever felt the the soul of a warrior howl within you? Does it cry out, loathing defeat and craving victory?

If you feel the spirit of a Saiyan within you, then your destiny is here!

The tournament to decide the greatest warrior of all now begins!

Notice regarding participants of the


Tournament Date

Event to be held on
May 25th 2019!

*As the event will be held in the US,
the above date is based on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Tournament Location

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas
LUXOR Hotel and Casino
HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

Tournament Procedure

  1. Selection of eligible players
    from the in-game event

  2. Fill out entry form
    Web screening


Participation Requirements

Please check the Event Terms.

Number of Participants

The best 16 players from each region's "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" will be able to compete in the "DRAGON BALL LEGENDS SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS"

Japan 3 Players
Asia Other, Oceania 3 Players
Americas 5 Players
Europe, Africa 5 Players

*Players will be divided depending on where they live

Tournament Players


  • CHICKEN319

Asia Other, Oceania



  • SMG

Europe, Africa

  • NA-KAEL-08


  • - At the Dragon Ball Legends Showdown in Las Vegas, 16 top-scoring players from each region will be taking part in a tournament in randomly drawn pairings.
  • - Teams must be decided ahead of time.
    Participants are to register 3 Teams and use 1 of these Teams in each game in this tournament.
    Teams must not be altered during the tournament.
  • - Characters must be level 2000, Limit Broken to 7★, and with Boost Panels fully unlocked, as is the case with Legends Battle Royal.
    -Equipment on characters will be counted when decks are registered and cannot be altered during the tournament.
  • - Matches are best of 3.
    In other words, players compete in up to 3 games, and the first to secure 2 wins is declared victor.
    If the match times out without a result, the player who has dealt the most damage wins.
  • - The tournament will operate on double elimination rules.
    Losing twice will result in player disqualification.
    The competitor will enter the "runner up" section of the tournament after 1 loss and losing here results in disqualification.
    The final victor of the runner up section will qualify to compete in the grand final against the last contestant in the other section.
    In order to secure the title, the competitor from the main section must win one round of 3 and the runner up competitor, two rounds of 3.


Stage MC

Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara

Event MC.
Born in the US and raised in Japan, Michael “Mikey” McNamara has brought his interpretation skills and vibe to tournaments/events around the world.

Live Stream

Live streams will be both in Japanese and English!

MC and commentator from Well Played. Commentates for official tournaments and user-community events.
Reached Battle Rank 50 in Dragon Ball Legends. Connects his passion for gaming to commentating, and uses that passion to excite audiences.

Victory Uchida
Victory Uchida

V JUMP editor for Dragon Ball.
In charge of the comic “Dragon Ball Super,” and also articles on Dragon Ball goods and products.
Loves Dragon Ball, and spreading the good word about Dragon Ball goods to the world!

Hinako Sano
Hinako Sano

Model, actress, and television personality.
She is also known for her love of games, and publishes playthrough videos on her Youtube channel.

English Live Stream


Born Chris Fields. Professional fighting game commentator of 10 years.
Popular commentator for many tournaments such as KOF, Guilty Gear, Evo series, and more!

Alejandro Saab
Alejandro Saab

English voice actor for Shallot.
A big fan of Dragon Ball.
Also a voice actor for the popular anime series “My Hero Academia.”

Phil Parsons
Phil Parsons

English voice actor for Nappa.
Has also worked on Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, and also High School DxD.

Tournament Schedule

Broadcast Schedule
May 25th (Sat), 1:00PM (PDT)
*May be subject to change without notice.



Championship Prize

Hercule's Champion Belt

Hercule's Champion Belt

Tournament Commemorative Trophy

Tournament Commemorative Trophy

Original Shallot costume that can be used in-game. (World Champion Costume)

Original Shallot costume that can be used in-game. (World Champion Costume)

2nd - 8th Place

Tournament Commemorative Trophy
2nd & 3rd 4th to 8th

Tournament Commemorative Trophy

Participation Award

Tournament Varsity Jacket

Tournament Varsity Jacket

Original Shallot costume that can be used in-game (SHOWDOWN Varsity Jacket)

Original Shallot costume that can be used in-game (SHOWDOWN Varsity Jacket)



High level matches where players from all over world can battle each other every day at set times, with standardized level caps and Limit Breaks.
In "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL", players can get 100 Chrono Crystals per victory!

"LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" is an event where players steal "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" from each other. Players who obtain the most "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" while the event is being held, and meet the selection standards, will be invited to the "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" that will take place in May!

Event Period

  • - Event Dates
    From Wednesday March 6th 2019 04:00 AM (PST)
    Until Wednesday March 12th 09:00 PM (PST)
  • - Event Times
    (March 6th – March 9th)
    1. 04:00 AM ~ 06:00 AM (PST)
    2. 12:00 PM ~ 02:00 PM (PST)
    3. 06:00 PM ~ 08:00 PM (PST)
    (March 10th – March 12th)
    1. 05:00 AM ~ 07:00 AM (PDT)
    2. 01:00 PM ~ 03:00 PM (PDT)
    3. 07:00 PM ~ 09:00 PM (PDT)
    • * Please check the app for the latest information
    • * Depending on operational and/or server conditions, the schedule of "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" is subject to change or extension.

How to Participate

  • - From the top PvP screen select "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" and you will be taken to the LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL top screen.
    Pressing "Start battle" on the top "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" screen will start the battle.
  • - "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" can only be played during the specified time periods.
    You can check the schedule on the "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" home screen.
  • - In order to play "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL", "Participation Tickets" are required.

[Participation Ticket Distribution Times]

From March 5th 10:00 PM (PST) Until March 6th 10:00 PM (PST) 3 Tickets Distributed
From March 6th 10:00 PM (PST) Until March 7th 10:00 PM (PST) 3 Tickets Distributed
From March 7th 10:00 PM (PST) Until March 8th 10:00 PM (PST) 3 Tickets Distributed
From March 8th 10:00 PM (PST) Until March 9th 10:00 PM (PST) 3 Tickets Distributed
From March 9th 10:00 PM (PST) Until March 10th 11:00 PM (PDT) 3 Tickets Distributed
From March 10th 11:00 PM (PDT) Until March 11th 11:00 PM (PDT) 3 Tickets Distributed

*Participation Tickets can be used at any time during the tournament period.


  • - 9,000 "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" will be awarded for participating in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL".
    You will receive 500 extra "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" by winning in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL".
    You will lose 500 "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" by losing in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL".
  • - You will be matched with players who have a similar amount of "BATTLE ROYAL POWER".
  • - Level is set at 2000, Limit Breaks are ★7, Boost Panels are fully unlocked and standardized. Equipment is applied to the player who is equipping them.
  • - Only "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" victories or losses will be reflected in "Total Victories" and "Number of battles".
    The results of rating matches and friend battles will not have an effect on this.
  • - In order to battle with other players in real time, please play in an area with a strong internet connection.

Selection standards

  • - Players that are eligible to apply to participate in the "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" will be selected from the players who have obtained the most "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" during "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL".
  • - If "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" is the same, the ranking will be decided in the following order.
    Please check the app for the latest information

    • 1. Greatest number of wins
    • 2. Highest amount of consecutive wins
    • 3. Lowest number of defeats taken
    • 4. Highest amount of RP earned in Super Space-Time Duel #21
      (Duration: 3/5/2019 10:00 PM (PST)
      to 3/19/2019 07:00 PM (PDT))
  • - Anyone who is found to have violated the Event Terms or the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for selection.

Publication of Results

  • - While "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" is being held, you are not able to check your own ranking.
  • - After "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" has finished, please wait for the publication of results.
    *There will be an in-game notification regarding the publication of results.
    *At the same time as the publication of results, victory rewards will be distributed.
  • - Players who are eligible to apply for the "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" selection process, will be informed by an in-game notification, and will receive a message containing an entry form from the "DRAGON BALL LEGENDS" team.
  • - It may take a while for the results to be published after "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" has ended.

Please Note:

  • - The victory rewards will be distributed after all the "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" dates has finished.
  • - In order to battle with other players in real time, please play in an area with a strong internet connection.
  • - In "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL", players will not be matched with ghost players.
    Therefore there may be cases where it takes a long time to find a match.
  • - Depending on the playing situation of other players, there are cases where matching may fail.
    In this case, repeating the matching process multiple times will lead to successful matching.
  • - In the case that subsequent "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" events are held, "Participation Tickets" and "BATTLE ROYAL POWER" obtained in the previous one will not be passed over.
  • - In "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" boost character effects will not occur.
  • - In "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" there will be no item rewards generated by playing.


Tournament Inquiries

[iOS] / [Android]

FAQ Examples


  • Is it possible for anyone to participate in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL"?

    People who can play "DRAGON BALL LEGENDS", and log in during the participation period are able to participate.
    Please be aware that if intentional misconduct is confirmed, then the corresponding accounts will not be allowed to participate.

  • Is it possible to battle in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" any number of times?

    It is possible to battle a maximum of 18 times.
    In order to battle once, one Entry Ticket is required.
    Please click here for the Entry Ticket distribution time.

  • Over how many times do you need to win in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" in order to be eligible for participation screening?

    As well as victories in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL", participants eligibility will be decided based on previous play history, (whether there is history of misconduct or not) as well as other standards set based on the standards set by the operation team.
    For details please check this link.

  • How will players know if they are eligible for the "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" selection process?

    Players who are eligible to apply for the "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" selection process will be informed by an in-game notification, and will receive a message containing an entry form from the operation team.

  • I have not received an entry form after "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" has ended.

    Please be aware that only players who are eligible for the selection process will be contacted.

  • If through "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL" I have gained eligibility for the selection process, can I progress to "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" ?

    Players who have gained eligibility for the selection process should complete the entry form and contact the operation team.
    Based on this, the operation team will make the final selection of which players will participate in "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS".

  • I don’t know if I can participate in "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS", despite this can I still participate in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL"?

    Anyone can participate in "LEGENDS BATTLE ROYAL".
    However, regarding "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" the operation team will select participants for "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" based on standard selection criteria.
    For details please check this page.


  • Will I have to cover transportation costs to the event, and any accommodation costs?

    The operation team will cover all transportation and accommodation costs.
    Expenses for food and consumable goods that occur during your stay will be borne by the participants.
    Also tickets for flights, other methods of transportation and reservations for accommodation will be carried out by the operation team.
    Transport to your accommodation will be arranged by the operation team.

  • Is a participation fee required?

    No participation fee is required.

  • Is it possible to go and support the players participating in "SHOWDOWN IN LAS VEGAS" at the arena?

    For this event, only players and people involved with the event will be allowed to enter the arena.
    Please be aware that the arena will not be open to the general public.
    However, there will be a live stream of the arena on the day of the event, with the battles also being streamed live.
    For details regarding this, there will be updates on this site at a later date.

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